Using the Compute Canada DOI-CCV Conversion Tool

Please note: This is a beta test of a product to help Canadian researchers update their CCV more easily. It is not a robust production service -- we are seeking community feedback. Please send your comments or questions to

It can be time-consuming to update publication lists in CCV. Since most journal articles now have associated Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), a simple solution is to use those DOIs to automatically populate the required CCV fields for each paper. The tool below accepts DOIs as input and returns the needed CCV XML, with paper title, author, etc. all completed for you. You can enter a large number of DOIs at once. If you want to simply experiment with the tool, skip step 1 below and just enter a DOI from one of your publications to see what happens.

If you want to append this to your existing CCV, you will need to export an XML version of your CCV from the CCV system. The steps are: